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Shop our Core Trainer 3 Pack Fabric Resistance Bands in multi to help activate those glutes and strengthen the muscle. Not only will this 3 pack set of fabric booty bands improve the size and shape of your glutes it can also improve multiple areas of strength and weight training. An added bonus is that the Core Trainer Fabric Resistance Band is a non-slip band that doesn't roll or slide. A perfect addition to any workout.

- Measurements: 36.5cm (L) x 8.5cm (w) 

- Pink, purple, green colour bands  

- Great for activating muscles around the hips and glutes 

- Improves technique 

- Adds resistance

- Fabric: cotton and polyester with elastane 

- Comes in a Core Trainer branded drawstring pouch

Resistance Levels:

- Green: 27.2kgs

- Pink: 40.8kgs

- Purple: 54.4kgs 

Core Trainer 3 Pack Fabric Resistance Bands Multi

SKU: 90d1a291
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